Ballring 2015 Programme

Stumpy (Compere)

    Frumpid Stumplestone, or Stumpy for short, has performed in nearly every type of venue, from street corners, stadiums, festival fields, theme parks and cruise ships and never failed to raise applause. Specializing in juggling, unicycle and slapstick comedy gives him a unique ability to amaze. Will he be safe 6ft in the air on top of a giant unicycle? Of course he will, but the audience don't know that at the time. Will he hurt himself for public entertainment? Of course he will, and that's when the audience laugh the hardest!

Alexis Levillon

    Alexis is a self-taught diabolist who specializes in the 'Vertax' technique. This is a way to play the diabolo horizontally. He started to play the diabolo 8 years ago and is now performing all over the world. He presents to you 'INFINITY' as a unique show since the diabolo discipline has developed tremendously over the last 10 years and for Alexis, the possibilities became infinite.

Frederike Gerstner

    Frederike has been juggling for over a decade and graduated from the National Centre for Circus Arts in London in 2006. Since graduating, she has created her own shows and is performing worldwide in shows for Feeding the Fish and Gandini Juggling. Currently she is very happily smashing for the Gandinis and for the Ballring Convention she will perform her solo club routine.

Matthew Green

    Matthew trained for 3 years at the National Centre for Circus Arts and has since gone on to work for many prestigious events. With a diverse range of juggling skills he somehow landed a job stunt doubling for Harry Styles from One Direction, probably the pinnacle of his life.

Lisa Ellipse

    Lisa is a versatile multi-talented performer, coming form a strong background of art and design, she has always been searching for ways to express herself. Hula hooping is a release for Lisa, allowing her to meditate and entertain with her magical style. She is a perfectionist, concentrating on the flow and feeling of her performance. She has made a name for herself performing at underground party venues to international festivals and events. She is co-founder of 'Schoola Hoop Camp' project and has also performed at SWhoop, Oxford Juggling Convention and Lincolnvention.

Tom Derrick

    Tom has been juggling for 14 years. He started performing as a competitor in the British Young Juggler of the Year, which earnt him a silver award, and has since gone on to perform at numerous juggling festivals. When not throwing or balancing things, Tom is a data analyst, and enjoys Rubik's cubes and climbing.

Michael Parker

    Michael is a keen sports player, musician and juggler, as well as currently studying for his GCSEs. He has been juggling for 4 years and has adopted ball spinning quickly after. His first performance was at Leeds Convention 2014. If an object is not tied to the ground, he may try and spin it.