Ballring 2014 Programme

Matthew Tiffany (Compere)
    Classic fm music teacher for the year 2013, violin and viola player experienced in playing classical, jazz and folk music. Technical juggler interested in the history of juggling and recently collaborated with David Hockney on a piece that is currently touring the galleries 
of the world.

Ed Cliffe

    Ed is a graduate of the purple mermaid circus society and a 


er Ri

ngleader (


and so feels it's only fitting that the first convention performance he gives is at the Ballring. Ed will be performing his new routine, which has been under development for over a year now, and will be exploring some interesting (and hopefully entertaining) possibilities with contact juggling and cigar boxes. 

photo credit: 

VanLoop Media and Performance

Jenni Ingham
     A hoopist who will be set to put on quite a show with her own designed colorful clothes.

Arthur Hyam
    Arthur is an East-London based juggler who practices a number of disciplines. Although h
is favoure
 is Diabolo he also practices Staff, Poi, Balls, Flowerstick and Hoop. Although he has performed at a number of conventions, his 
passion lies in leading workshops and hopes to run regular workshops in the London area after festival season. Since Ballring 2014 he put his name forward for and won BYJOTY at the BJC. Your likely to see him around the convention and festival circuit or at Spinning in Brick Lane where he regulars.

Photo Credit: Luke Burrage

Ieuan Evans
    IeuanMaiden loves all things juggling and all things green. He performs with balls and rings at conventions all over the UK. When he's not juggling he's organising the British Young Juggler of the Year competition to make sure the next generation of jugglers become something special.

Brook Roberts    
    Brook is a ball juggler and club passer, interested in difficulty and complexity for it's own sake?

Lewis Kennedy & Josh Turner
    Lewis and Josh are both from Leeds and have been juggling together for 25 years; Josh saw Lewis on TV and invited him to come juggle at the local Karate club. Josh and Lewis did this first show together at Ballring in 2010. Danke

Jon Peat
    Jon has been performing on the convention scene since 2006. He will be showcasing his new 'completely dropless' ring juggling routine.