Ballring 2013 Programme

Marky Jay

In 2012 Marky Jay went on tour with the Olympic torch relay for 70 days, performed at literally 10s of festivals including play and shambala and also performed with Cirque Normandie.

In 2013 he continues his quest for world domination. As compere, Marky plans to serialise his newest work "confessions of a juggler" - an erotic and thought provoking work consisting of avant garde mime, live body art and shouted poetry... or maybe he'll just introduce the acts in a suit, whatever "seems right at the time".

Kat Collett aka Babarella Pyscadella

Kat has put her dedication of all things from the 60's to create an exciting 60's sci fi themed glow show, a journey through space and time.

At this years Ballring Convention Show she brings you her beautiful hula hoop act from this show, a fun, tongue in cheek affair sure to crack a smile on even the grumpy-est of winter bored faces.

Mark Steyn

Some years ago a chance encounter with a rubber band ball in the middle of an Edinburgh winter brought contact juggling into Mark's life and he hasn't looked back since. He now lives and works in London and spends his spare time trying to make crystal balls appear to defy gravity. On the day a little girl who'd been watching came up and asked "is there a ghost helping you?" he thought, perhaps, he'd succeeded.

Mats C

The 24 year old Welsh juggler brings his circus skills to Birmingham, with a medley routine featuring a variety of props.

Charlie Ledger

Charlie is the founder of Seduced By Circus. Her inspiration came from her background and training in the sports, leisure and fitness industry combined with her love for circus. Charlie specialises in hula hoop, but has also trained in a variety of disciplines. She completed an internship at Swamp Circus Trust, and the full time Circus in Performance Course at Greentop Circus. Whilst running her hula hoop and circus business she has completed various fitness and teaching qualifications, and is now studying engineering at Sheffield Hallam Uni (where she is also president of the circus skills society). She intends to use the knowledge gained in her degree to develop new products for the circus and fitness industries. Over the last few years Charlie has travelled around the UK and parts of Europe teaching and performing at various festivals, parties, corporate events, cabarets, juggling conventions and has even appeared on TV a few times! She is an associate lecturer part time at Sheffield Hallam, where she teaches hula hoop and circus skills. Charlie is also learning German and regularly goes over to Germany to teach and perform.