Ballring 2011 Programme

Silke Schirok

Silke Schirok adds something arty to the Ballring. Her juggling with one to five club is sometimes aggressive, sometimes tender, but certainly interesting. Silke is filling the whole stage with her lively energy, then again creating a small, intimate space. And yes, she does have some good technique as well!


Bringing a messianic zeal for beech and cherry wood toys to the Ballring, The Void will upscale the tiny Japanese toy to the big stage. Kendama in equal parts demonstration, entertainment, comedy and music. Clicking great!

Mats C

Mathew, 21, from Wales, has been juggling since the age of 15. Since finishing college, he has made it his job, working in circus in the south and east of England, performing to literally (on a good day) hundreds of people, several times a week. In his circus act, Mathew performs 'numbers' juggling up to eight balls! However, at Birmingham in February, he will be too cold to do this and so will perform with lower numbers and other objects, including a football and a devilstick (but there will be no devilsticking)!

Purple Dragon Entertainments

Purple Dragon Entertainments are here for the 2nd time round,
 but this year be prepared as both members of Purple Dragons 
illusions act will be here to take you into their world of magic and illusions. 
Purple Dragon Entertainments have been together for a few years now, 
and both members have been in Purple Mermaid since the age of 15. Purple Dragon 
has had a lot of support and help from purple mermaid so it is great to be performing for you.  

The Wizards of Odd

Aaron Hayes & Jonti Sparrow are 'The Wizards Of Odd' a hilarious, vicarious a
nd ever so slightly temerarious double act which takes Comedy, Magic & Music and s
quishes it all together into an award winning family friendly evenings entertainment!

Boris Nicoli; X-KGB Mind Reader

Since the cold war finished, he has had to go into the entertainment business...Comedy Mind Reading Cabaret. B

oris was part of the Elite Mind Reading section of the KGB during the cold war, but since it has ended...He has had to go into the entertainment business...


As this is Alex's 3rd outing as renegade master, he is hereby dub
bing this show Ren
egade 2011, Return of the Goldfinger At World's Ultimatum R
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he lost Go
ldmember: Revolutions III, 13, 33 1/3. Since Ballring 2010 h
ighlights of Alex's life have includ
d eating a piece of toast he made himself on July 22nd which was just heavenly, ran
domly turing on the TV to find his favourite episode of Glee wa
s on, and finally being allowed business cards at work. He hopes this renegade experience will be as magical for you as all these were for him.