Ballring 2010 Programme 

Show Compere - The Void

The Void, built from Meccano in the late eighteenth century, has been 
busy bestriding the world like a colossus ever since, only
occasionally tripping over his ego. Will wield a mic and his wit in
equal measures, and perhaps a trick or two too.

Paul Silver, 'The Silver Man'

Hmm time to make it up... following a bizarre accident with a weirdly glowing frisbee, silver has been able to, apparently, levitate certain spherical objects in odd but amusing ways. After many years training with professional gurners, Silver has been known to occasionally add "emotional content" to his act. ie. he sometimes smiles. To use the word 'comedy' about his act may be going too far. Especially after you hear the jokes.


 Josh Turner & Lewis Kennedy

 Lewis and Josh are both from Leeds and have been juggling together for one and a half years; Josh saw Lewis on youtube and invited him to come juggle at the local juggling club. This will be their first Ballring Convention and although they have performed separately this is their first performance together.

Purple Dragon Entertainments

Purple Dragon Entertainments have been around for a few years now, having started their time as members of Purple Mermaid, at the tender age of 15. They've now worked in Europe doing their illusions act and all over the UK. However, unfortunately, one half of Purple Dragons illusion act is in some far flung corner of the world, under the guise of work. So what you see tonight is the alternative show, with 2 girls. Aren't you excited?


Stuart Taylor

Founder of the University of Derby's Circus Society, Stuart is a energetic performer who combines his love for poi, staff and juggling in a series of original and fluid movements. With his experience spanning five years Stuart has inspired and gone on to teach numerous others in the various disciplines, believing that anybody can learn as long as they have patience and dedication. He takes his own inspiration from the open source of the internet and his recent developing skill in nunchucks. Tonight he makes his debut on the Ballring stage, and hopes that this will be the first of many exciting and enjoyable performances for the audience's delight.

Alex - Renegade Compere

Alex is very glad to have not made such a hash of last years Renegade show to have been banned from all future Ballrings. If you weren't at last years Ballring, why on earth not???? Alex has now entered the real world and currently works as a multimedia advisor in Toys R Us and spends most of his days wondering what the point of 5 years at university was if that was the best job he could get afterwards. During last years show Alex feels he did an above average job of not hogging the stage and promises to do the same again this time around!


Ballring 2010 is sponsored by The Stunt House and Jesters of Ambleside selling everything from a new set of balls to fire nunchucks!
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