Ballring 2009 Programme

Magic Sam, Compere

    Magic Sam 'The Peoples Magician' - not only a very skilled card magician and sleight of hand artist, but an hilarious stage magic performer with his own unique style and most importantly, he has a personality the size of Texas. Eminently loveable, delightfully hilarious, completely fearless and wonderfully  talented, Sam may just be the perfect magician.
    Sam started his career performing for adults and children alike in the working class pubs of his home town - straight from this Sam hit the streets stopping passers by and wowing them with his special blend of street magic. His next step was to become the head resident Magician at Britain's First magic bar beating 80 other auditionees to the position. He was soon to become a grand Finalist on BBC2's Let Me Entertain You with Brian Connoly where he was des
cribed as 'Young, Good Looking and Hilarious' by the man himself.

Ian Marchant, 'That Juggler'

    Ian Marchant 'That Juggler' has been working all over the globe for the past 12 years he has performed on the streets of cities around Europe and on cruise ships travelling the high seas. He has worked with the internationally renowned company "Gandini Juggling", with the "Generating Company" in their circus theatre show "Gangstars", Opera North, the Royal Opera, as part of the comedy double act "The Itchy Boys" and also has a successful solo artist.

Tom Derrick

    Tom Derrick has been juggling for 8 years, and has an interest in a wide range of props. Originally from Oxfordshire, he moved up to Birmingham for university, before pursuing other paths. He first performed in the British Young Juggler of the Year, in 2006, where he won a Silver award, and has been performing in the juggling circuit since. 

Joe Ridgely, 'Ex KGB Mind Reader, Boris Nicoli'

    Boris discovered at a very young age that he could read minds... In other words he knew what people really thought of him... his only relief is when he wore a regulation Russian Gas Mask. The state soon found out and began to groom him for the elite mind reading section of the KGB, where he served until the end of the cold war. Now that the cold war is finished he had to go into the entertainment business. Award Winning Comedy Mind Reading act that will baffle you and literally have you in stitches complimented by Russian Techno music.